Tuesday, August 17, 2010


As I’ve mentioned before, growing up camp was a staple of my summer schedule, something I always looked forward to. When I reached high school new options for summertime adventures presented themselves. One of these was CIY. This was like camp, but so much better. The adventure started out with a two part road trip taking us from Seattle to Northwest Nazarene university just outside of Boise. It was a long haul but we would listen to our portable CD players and take turns napping on the floor of our 15 passenger van (so dangerous). Over the week we got to be like college students. We slept in dorms and ate in the dining hall. We even got to swim in the university pool. Of course, these things were fun but the week was about so much more. We were there to learn. To learn about God, how to live, and how to share. Each time I went to the conference I felt refreshed and changed. It was amazing. So this year, when my empty schedule allowed me to go with our youth group as a youth leader to the summer conference I jumped at the chance.
A lot has changed since my last CIY in 2003. First, it was rechristened MOVE, a much more exciting title than CIY summer conference. Second, with conference attendance growing it had to move to a larger school, so, the 11 hour drive to Northwest Nazarene was replaced with a 4 hour drive to Oregon State University, much better. The rest of the changes are all minute, fitting in the details. But change is good and I like what they’ve done with the conference.

I must admit, I really liked going as a youth leader, but, at the same time I REALLY wish I looked my age. On more than one occasion I was confused as a highschooler. I mean come on, I don’t really look like I’m 17 do I? And I know I don’t act like I’m 17. Oh well, I guess looking 17 right now is better than looking 40. Yikes!

Overall I think the week at the conference went well. Our group was pretty small, 6 youth in all, but I think that made the group time more intimate, and I was able to see some of the more quiet youth open up.  It was pretty great.

(* on a sidenote, I didn't take a lot of pictures this week because I decided to work primarily on makeing a video instead, well, that and we were inside a lot of the time and I detest using flash.  So keep and eye out for the video!)
Here are some links to several people and causes that made the week awesome:

Jordan Howerton Band: This was our worship band, and let me tell you, anyone who sings DC Talks Jesus Freak is awesome in my book.

Christ in Youth : The event that made it all possible

Zambia Song : A short documentary CIY produced  about the water crisis in Zambia.  It's pretty moving.

Active Water : An organization CIY partnered with to bring clean drinking water to those around the world that desperately need it.  In Zambia, it costs $75 to buy a sand filter for a family and around $4500 to install a well for the entire community.  Here in America we don't even think about drinking water, it's just readily available, can you help make a difference for those that don't have what we do?

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