Friday, September 24, 2010

11 months, 11 countries my World Race itinerary: Take 1

So, just a day after I made my big announcement they posted the itinerary  for my race.  Isn't that ironic?  Now, the countries can always change, I still have 9 months before I leave and then the 11 months on the race.  A lot can happen in that time period.  But can I say that for now I am SUPER EXCITED about the itinerary they've come up with????  11 months, 4 continents, amazing.
   Check it out



The cradle of Inca civilization (think: Macchu Picchu) and one of the "Andean states", Peru is full of epic wonder; yet she is barely acquainted with her Creator. Though many natives still practice traditional religions, God is up to something in this country. The Peruvian church thirsts for truth and authentic spiritual breakthrough. Its political past has been riddled with guerilla violence and corrupt leadership, from which both the indigenous poor and urban affluent alike are recovering. Whether you rough it in the jungle or live in the city; you won't forget Peru.


Bolivia is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It's also one of the most indigenous countries in South America; the current president is the first indigenous people group member in office. And with all of that variety comes a lot of opportunity. Bolivia is in need of orphan ministry, evangelistic outreach, church plants, and more. You might find yourself working in the heart of the rainforest or on the streets of a city market. Regardless, be prepared for a fantastic experience.


Named after the Spanish word for equator, this country is packed full of natural beauty. From the Amazon river to glaciers atop Andes volcanoes, this country is sure to enthrall you, and it's people too. As diverse as it's landscapes, the indigenous and Incan influences give this country a unique culture. Although the country is about 95% Catholic, there are still indigenous shamanistic practices that are integrated in their faith. With more than half of the population sitting at or below the poverty line, Equador is a country waiting for God's Kingdom to come.

Eastern Europe

Much of this region was under some communist regime for much of the latter half of the last century. Some countries are doing better than others in catching up; some of them are also sources, transit points and destinations of human trafficking. You may live life with the Romani (or Roma), commonly referred to as Gypsy, a people group without a land of their own and long shunned by society. Through reaching out to orphans, teaching English, running sports camps, you'll shepherd a generation caught between a Soviet past and the post-modern European present. You'll help this region break out of sterile orthodoxy and bring hope of a better future just by showing up.

South Africa

While it's been several decades since apartheid has formally ended, there is still more healing and reconciliation to take place in South Africa. This country is one of the wealthiest on the continent, and yet, much of the population that lives outside the cities is poor. 

Like the rest of sub-Saharan Africa, this country struggles with a high rate of AIDS/HIV. Host to the 2010 World Cup, and breathtaking natural attractions, it is also a place full of kingdom potential, waiting to be released - by you.


One of the most beautiful countries in the African continent, Mozambique is a favorite location of World Racers for a variety of reasons: the people, the landscape, incredible ministry partnerships, the miracles that this country has seen, and more. The former Portuguese colony is seeing signs of redemption and economic recovery; because of, or in spite of the extreme poverty gripping the nation, the church grows. You will be teach, preach, practice "true religion" with widows and orphans while you grow in your identity in Christ. One of your most interesting travel "days" may happen here.


The Kingdom of Swaziland is one of the last remaining monarchies in Africa. Home to 1.1 million people and breath-taking scenic views, it's also where the world's highest HIV/AIDS infection rate lives (26.1% in adults and over 50% of adults in their 20s). It's estimated that by 2050, the country of Swaziland will not even exist. Young orphans are scattered throughout this nation that is in desperate need of attention. For years, AIM has been committed to seeing these statistics reversed. Here, you will most likely find yourself involved in a variety of outreaches, including education, orphan care, care point feedings, and more.


With nearly two million people estimated to be stuck inside of prostitution in Thailand, it has become one of the most popular places for sex tourism. Change lives in the city and rock worlds in the countryside. Thailand's sure to capture your heart.


28 years ago, Cambodia experienced one of the most gruesome genocides known to man where over one third of the country's population was slaughtered. Still in recovery from their past, the people of Cambodia are thirsty for hope.


After nearly a century of French rule, in the mid-20th century, Vietnam was split into communist (north) and non-communist (south) halves. By 1975, Vietnam was made whole again, but as a communist country. Even with the economic reforms and restoration of diplomatic ties human rights are limited in Vietnam, especially freedom of religion; most of Vietnam is Buddhist, less than 10% is Catholic. Here you'll be fed with pho, delicious beef noodle soup, and in turn feed believers and pray God's light and presence everywhere you go.

 I'm so excited at the possibility of going back to Thailand and Cambodia (especially during Songkran).  It really is going to be an amazing year :)

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Oh my gosh Amanda this is going to be incredible!! Peru? Eastern Europe (hopefully Moldova)? Cambodia? I am so excited for you! I'm totally going to live vicariously as you do this, so live it up! :) Can't wait to read your World Race blog too!