Saturday, October 2, 2010

For Every Season there is a Change

This past week was crazy.  The life that I've lived and enjoyed, and, at times stressed in was flipped completely.  Why.  Well I got a job.  It was a long road to this place, and the job is so very different from any job I've had before BUT I know it's the right place for me now and I'm so happy to just have a job!

That said, this past week of work left me utterly exhausted, starting last friday, my first day, where, after putting in 8 hours of work at my new job I was called to fill in as a Hostess at Vinces that night.  Start with the fact that traffic was ridiculously bad so it took me more than an hour to get home to change, then another half hour to get to the restaurant.  Needless to say I was late.  Can I also mention that I haven't hostessed in YEARS.  I felt totally useless since I had absolutely no idea how to use their new computer system.  But at the end of the night I have to say that everything worked out well AND I got some extra money to put towards my world race.  The rest of this last week thankfully wasn't as hectic. I  I was thrown right into the mix at CeSI, working on projects where I did everything from designing parking cards to creating Google adds for a car books store to becoming an expert in Microsoft project, a program I had never even hear of before.  And the funny thing is, although I sit at a computer all day I come home just as exhausted as when I was teaching.  Maybe it's because I'm so out of practice?

This past weekend we also hosted my sisters 21st birthday party.  I can't believe she's 21!  It ended up being kind of small since most of her friends are away at college and traffic was HORRIBLE  because of the Puyallup Fair.  But I still think she had a lot of fun.  I know I did :)

The Cat meows Happy birthday, needless to say, Elaina was obsessed 

This next week I have a lot of side tasks to take care of, most having to do with the World Race.  I'm committed now.  I put in my first $150 donation so now I'm just waiting for them to set up my world race blog page.  I'm kind of anxious for it, there's so much I want to write there!  I also just found out that the price of the world race, for my July 2011 race raised from $14,300 to $15,500.  When I first saw that I felt really discouraged.  I mean the first price was going to be hard enough to raise.  But I was gently reminded that someone greater than me has my life in his hands and always provides when needed.  So once again I've put myself into fundraising brainstorm mode.  I'm also trying to find ways to save as much money as I can.  I actually went to Walmart today with a list of things I'm going to need for the trip and priced it all out so I can make a budget.  It's not going to be an easy road, but I'm excited for where it will take me!

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