Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Autumn in the Northwest

I'm going to start this out by sharing my World Race blog with ya'll.  The posts I make there are completely different from the posts I make here so feel free to check it out.  The content now is good, but just think how much better it will get when I actually leave!  Also you can click the "Get Updates" link on the left hand side so that each time I update my blog and email will get sent to you (and if your worried about getting promo emails from the WR or any spam, don't, It will ONLY be updates emails from me.  I'm trying to get as many followers as possible so please, please,please sign up...and pass it on : ) )  So the link is


(I've also updated the World Race tab at the top of this page, so check it out)

Ok, aside from that, fall is in full swing here in Seattle and I'm loving it! I really missed fall while I was in Thailand! Two weekends ago the weather was beautiful so we took Elaina down to the pumpkin patch. I guess everyone else had the same idea we did. To say the place was packed would we an understatement. It was utter chaos. But we still had fun.

I'm still hoping to get out and photograph the trees before all the leave fall off.  Hoping the weather starts cooperating sometime soon!

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