Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened at the Dinner Table

You know that game where you write three words of a story then pass it on to the next person from them to add three words and so on and so on?  Usually you end up with a pretty entertaining story.  Well, on Saturday night as our group made our way home from Whidbey Island in the pouring rain we decided to stop at Red Robin for dinner.  To entertain ourselves as we waited for our food to arrive we decided to play said game.  Here is the result.

The Tragic Tale of Jimmy

It was a windy afternoon when Jimmy's Grandfather died.  Grandma was elated to find that his bloodstained trousers went to sea.  The tabby cat had an unfortunate day when she went to clean her whiskers and spy on pugs.  Oh my gosh.  He's so Hot!  But I shot grandpa first.  He was drunk, drinking with Jimmy.  Who is Jimmy? No one cares.  Well, Sandra did... She married him.  Poor Aunt Sandra.  Murder, incest, cats.  Poor Crazy Jimmy.  The Lord forgives.  The End.  Pax.

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I hope you enjoyed our tale!

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