Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I heart Vintage

It's no joke, I love thrift store shopping, garage saleing and checking out antique shops.  The thrill of the hunt and the joy of the find gets me everytime.  I think that's why I love market shopping while I'm abroad so much as well.  It's not like going to Target, where you know you can buy purple sheets or a copy of "Braveheart" on DVD.  Each time is different, you never know what you'll find.  It's exciting!
    Since I returned home in April I've been on the hunt for fun and cute items.  Items that are both useful or can be used to decorate the house I one day hope to have.  When I hit up thrift stores I do have a list that runs through m head of what I'm looking for.  Pyrex, art, colorful vintage sheets, etc. But I also like the little surprises.  The items you never knew you were looking for but you're so happy you found.
    I had pretty good luck this last summer in this department.  There were some pretty awesome finds and I just thought I would share some of them with you.  I can't wait until I have a bigger space than my bedroom so I can really go wild with decorating!
Left:  I have a thing for vintage suitcases.  They're much cuter storage options than plastic bins.
The top green one even has a green and navy plaid on the side.
right:  Of love this Owl.  It's big eyes got to me.  So cute!

Top L:  Vintage American Tourister Luggage shoulder bag
Top R: Teacup from an antique store
Bottom L:  Vintage Pyrex Bowls.  I love the blue color.
Bottom R:  Cute little play suitcase from the 1960's
Left: Vintage Candy Tin
Right: antique Frame (you may have seen it in pics from my birthday...)

Top L:  Vintage tabletop flower bowl(s)
Top R: I'm starting a Globe collection
Bottom L:  Vintage Books (Including Alice in Wonderland!)
Bottom R:  My cute little Brownie Camera.  It doesn't take pics but it's fun to look at
Have you guys had any great finds?  At thrift stores? garage sales? Or even markets around the world?  If so I would love to know.  I love hearing about other peoples finds almost as much as I love finding items myself!

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