Saturday, January 1, 2011

The End & The Beginning

This time, last year I was on a plane making my way back to Bangkok after spending Christmas with my family in Seattle.  I had no idea what 2010 had in store for me, but I was excited.
   Looking around Facebook, Twitter and all other means of social media these past few days I've seen a lot of mixed feelings towards 2010.  While some thought it was the best year ever others desperately prayed that 2011 would be better.  Looking back now, while I wouldn't say 2010 was the best year ever I would say it was pretty epic, and I've been able to document the entire journey.  January 1, 2010 was not only the beginning of a new year for me, it was the beginning of a project, project 365 to be exact.  While I knew taking a picture a day for a year was going to be tough, I was excited to try it.  With the project over now, I have to admit that once I moved back to America I became far less diligent at taking pictures, sometimes only taking one or two a week yet I'm still amazed at the picture of my year it paints.

So here's looking at back 2010 with a selection of pictures from my project 365 folder

Early in the Morning on January 1 I packed up my bags and boarded a plane back to Bangkok via Tokyo
Over the year I had the pleasure of being part of a pretty awesome small group


And I was the teacher to some pretty rad second graders who liked to goof around with me

 I got lots of cheap pedicures... before I lost my toenails again and again


I applied for the awesome STA World Traveled Internship, was chosen as a finalist, but that's where the road ended.

Paid one last visit to my favorite Thai island, Ko Samet, and got a pretty wicked sunburn as well


Ate plenty of Chicken Chile Paste from Sombats (and now I miss it so much!)

 Spent Quality time with good GES friends and co-workers

And said goodbye to my AMAZING second graders.
I visited two new countries, Malaysia and Singapore

And I got to go ziplining through the jungle for the first time.\


Then I moved back to America and have gotten to spend a lot of time with this little cutie.
I got to travel back east to visit a good college friend and we spent loads of time exploring Maryland, DC, and New York City.


 Had a great summer at home where I...

Got to be a Junior High camp counselor
Turned 25 by making a visit to Mt. Rainier where yes, there was snow on my birthday.

And finally made it to Victoria, B.C.

I got a new job.

Became at youth leader at my church.
And rung in 2011 by playing games and making paper monsters with friends.


So here we go, 2011, I triple dog dare you to be more awesome and more exciting than 2010.  You think you can do it?

If you want to see more of my project 365 photos you can find them here

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Stephanie Joanna said...

wow! To say you've had a busy year would be an understatement. Congrats on all you accomplished! Here's hoping 2011 is just as awesome. :)