Monday, October 31, 2011

Greetings From the Land of One Week Early

What have I been up to these last few months????

My World Race adventures began in Ecuador...
Where I straddled the fake Equator

Then found a home in a small farming town called Conocoto

We worked hard 5 days a week building a church

But still found time to enjoy our off days in Quito

We even made new friends in the park.

Our last weekend we journeyed high into the Andes rainforests to hike

And got to spend quality time with good friends from different teams.

Next we were off to Peru
Where we lived in sandy, dusty, Trujillo

Our house came with an awesome view of the city, and the ocean

but the color pallet made everything kind of blend together...
Except for in Trujillo's main square where the colors were bright and happy
We ate a lot, a lot of food.  My favorite?  Aji de gallina!
And visited a lot of houses for meals where we ate things like chicken foot soup.
Most mornings we worked with the Compassion International program at our church
And on our off day we got to hang out at Huanchaco beach...

and do things like surfing

Our third month we were off to Bolivia with a stop at...
the beautiful Lake Titicaca along the way

where we toured the floating islands

and even got to try on their outfits

Then finally we made it to Cochabamba where we were partnered with
Hospitales de Esperanza aka Hospitals of Hope

an American run Christian hospital on the outskirts of the city
Our first day we even got to dress up in scrubs and take part in the parade

complete with the hospitals ambulance
On our first free day we took the teleferico...

to the top of the mountain where...
we saw the world's largest jesus statue, which is even larger than the one in Rio de Janero and can be seen everywhere in the Cochabamba valley
Over the month we worked hard painting the local school...

Visiting kids in the pediatric unit of Cochabamba's main hospital, Viedma...

teaching english...

and playing with the local kids

who were oh so adorable! 

Currently we are living in the capital of Albania, Tirana, and having a fantastic time working for Campus Crusade for Christ

If you would like to read more about the awesome things that happened these past few months you can find the stories at

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