Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pick a Pumpkin

Me and Mom took Elaina to the pumpkin patch today, a perfect photo opportunity. We lucked out too, it was an amazing sunny day so I was able to get a lot of pictures.
(I haven't edited yet so beware)

These were some of the most massive pumpkins I'd ever seen and there were hundreds of them, I couldn't believe it.

It looks like Elaina picked her pumpkin, now if only she could lift it. To bad it weighs more than she does :)

Mom and Laina in the pumpkin fields

Me and Laina pretending to be pumpkins

At the end we came away with a 37 lb pumpkin, and that was one of the smaller ones! It's going to be such a pain to carve.

In other news I'm finally going to be able to order my new macbook pro tomorrow, I'm so excited!

I also created a myspace page for my photography. It has a photo banner which takes pics from my flicker so I need to go through and edit those because I don't consider all quite professional but if you would like to check out my site the addy is .

I hope ya'll have a great week!

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