Saturday, October 27, 2007

yum.... lo mein

So I went to dinner tonight with my aunt to this asian restaurant ( when I say asian I mean they had not just one type of food but thai, Japanese, Chinese and Korean, so many choices) and I look up from my chicken lo mien and I see this guy that I totally recognize. So I'm sitting there trying to figure out where the heck I know this guy from and then it hits me, it was Matt the winner of Biggest Loser season 2 (for all of you non biggest loser watchers he was the Biggest Loser of the season and he married another chick form the show from DesMoines names Suzie and now they live in Seattle). So that was my exciting celebrity siting. Next time, BRad PItt :)
Anyway lifes been busy lately with work and puppy sitting, but I'm been getting some scrapping and painting done and now I'm working the a scarf for this chilly fall weather.
Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post soon :)

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