Thursday, December 11, 2008

gone, gone, gone

I lost my embroidery needles.
I lost my toenail,
and I'm pretty sure I've lost my mind,
but the good news is the Thai post office did not loose my Christmas package so I will now get to open Christmas presents with the rest of the world.

I honestly don't know what I did with the needles, they're probably long gone in a Thai dump somewhere by now lost in one of the countless 7-11 bags I've had, but I really wanted to use them tonight and now I must wait to go to the Mall and purchase more.

The toenail has had it coming ever since Nepal. Hiking through the Himalayas for 9 days will do that to you, but still I was hoping it would hang on for another couple weeks. There went my pedicure.......

And my mind, well, a class of 12 7 year olds in the middle of a Christmas classroom decorating contest will do that to you. I literally felt like I was swimming through a sea of garbage today as they made "decorations," and on top of that we only have 1 more week to meet a mountain of standards for the Ministry of Education and document it well through pictures and binders, oh goodness.

The good news is Christmas break starts in a week and then there is only 3 months left in the school year. Holy Moly!

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