Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thank goodness for the Thai constitution

Seriously, because they have one I got today off work. Getting Wednesday off is a little disorienting I'll admit. I woke up this morning and was so confused then I almost had a heart attack because I thought I'd slept in and was late for work.

I'm also quite thankful that the Kings birthday was last friday so we got a 3 day weekend (we don't have a full week of class at all in December). Because days off are few and far between acouple of us decided to head to of course the beach for the weekend, and this time was Koh Samet, a little piece of heaven only a 3 hour van ride and short boat ride away from Bangkok.
When we arrived at lunchtime on friday we took one look at the crystal blue water and wanter nothing more than to jump in. We layed on the beach all afternoon, until an Australian guy came up to us and asked us to be on a team in their charity Tug-of-War Tournament. He was like "we need 3 girls and here are 3 girls just sitting here." So we did it (Heidi took pictures). They had dug big pit in the sand so that whatever team had a person fall in the hole lost. I stood in the front and every time we got up I envisioned falling into the hole. Since there was an uneven number of teams (5, us being on team 5) they decided to do the tournament by points instead of process of elimination. WE didn't find this out until well into the competition. So we had to play through 4 rounds. By the end every muscle hurt and my hands were shredded, but WE WON! We are now officially the Koh Samet Tug-of-War champions :)

One thing I really liked about Koh Samet was that at night all the restaurants were set up on the beach and they were done BBQ style. It was such an awesome setting. I would love nothing more than to just eat dinner on the beach every-night, watching kids send off fire lanterns into the sky. Maybe I should just move to KOh Samet???
Goodness it was so hard to come home. None of us wanted to but we'll definitely we going back. That's been decided.

I've been felling creative lately. I've gotten a lot of sketching done and working with adobe. Hop to have some stuff to show soon. For now I have a VERY messy room that is aching to be cleaned..... I WILL drag my feet.

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