Monday, December 1, 2008

Mak Craziness and yum yum turkey

No, I didn't spell make wrong. In Thai Mak means alot or very (or at least that's what we understand it to mean), and I really just titled my blog that because well, life in Thailand right now IS mak craziness. Mostly because of the crazy PAD protesters that have taken over the airport. When will it ever end? I'm not flying anywhere anytime soon so I'm not worried about that but my mail does come via airplanes and if they airport doesn't open soon that means no Christmas package :(

Ok so now I have like a million pictures to share. First are my pics from Thanksgiving. The last pic is from actual thanksgiving day when we had a wonderful dinner at McDonalds, and the first 2 are from our awesome Thanksgiving dinner we had last night here at school. Honestly I'm so blessed to be here. The teachers are so amazing and we have so much fun together, like singing Christmas songs for an hour after dinner :)

Then now I am finally getting a few pics up of my bedroom and apartment. Honestly we haven't done much to the rest of our apartment, but I did paint my room (with the paint from Hell) and I pretty much love it all :)

We've been working hard in gym class on our dance for the Christmas program. My kids are loving it and I love them. They're so great :)

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